The Bodner

Ever have one of those friends who is just, well, there when  you are together? They are always so present in the moment, that they perpetually gloss over tidbits you would really appreciate knowing about them. Everyone enjoys bragging on their pals and assorted loved ones.  Some people truly are ignorant of their own geniusContinue Reading

Cira and The Mermaid

Not many people know this, but when I began working in editorial as a writer and shooter, Europe was my market of choice. Not sure exactly why, but it seems like the editors who most frequently get it with me are from across the pond. It has always been that way. I first was introducedContinue Reading

My Agenda

The blog to do list waxes long and there is so much to communicate. But at the top of my list is a chain of creative people. Artists, writers, film makers,  dancers, musicians, photographers and business owners, whose work and bright glow I hope to share. It will need to be fun, inspiring and encouraging,Continue Reading

Metaphysical Momentum: Water Carriers

Ventura has been in the throes of an art boom the past few years. I have watched amusedly as a diverse group of people have been drawn to our little berg from far flung corners of the earth and served as cultural and intellectual fodder for a renaissance of sorts. Creative seedlings they all are, Continue Reading

Skinny Bitch: A Day in the Life

I have a rewarding job. I get to hang out with people I really like and create images that reflect a vibrant, healthy and exciting lifestyle.  In fact, such is the appeal of that lifestyle that the world of fashion uses it’s cachet to create branding for the many products it markets. The way myContinue Reading

Mary Carmel Osborne: Unintentional Icon

To call Mary Osborne a surfer girl is about as misleading a statement as calling me a surf photographer. Yes she is a surfer. But that description is a tight pigeonhole for her to fit into. It is what she is, not who. Mary and I have history together. I doubt that there is anyoneContinue Reading


Those that know me know of the beliefs that motivate and drive me.  It is probably no accident that I became a photographer. It is due to an innate appreciation for light. We all have it. Some of us simply choose to pursue and embrace it more than others. Having grown up in a religiousContinue Reading


Jeanette Ortiz, out of all the women I have shot, from Academy Award winners to elite athletes has got to be one of the warmest, sexiest, most intelligent and bravest females in the roster. The only issue that really creates for me is that yep, her Dad is younger than I. Oh, and my girlfriendContinue Reading