Organic Reprisal

We leave the troubled shores of the US soon, for the exotic environs of Indonesia where Donna Von Hoesslin’s creative muse lies, on the Isle of Bali. We are a tightly knit crew, who all will donate time and our own efforts in a collaborative endeavor to contribute to something that matters, and in theContinue Reading

The Chase

Surfing is not a sport. Not in any conventional sense. It falls into the genre of life’s laundry list of activities,  better described as a life style. So broad in scope, it permeates all facets of a participant’s cognitive and subconscious thought processes, to the extent that you are surfing, even when not actually ridingContinue Reading

Project Cupcake

What started out as a Facebook discussion on my friend West Cooke’s mad cooking skills, and his hidden away restaurant, Cooke’s Smokehouse (A couple blocks away from the location of one of my old surf shops) got a little out of hand. Funny what can inspire us to create something special. It is remarkable whatContinue Reading


Lone Voice Extreme athlete Garrett MacNamara has been visiting, and we are working on a few projects. He sat next to me as I rapidly did a search for a print file that a client had requested. In ten minutes this is what I pulled out of one of this season’s file folders. I doubtContinue Reading

Crazy Is

as crazy does. But sometimes it is really all just a part of the ebb and flow of the creative process. What appears to be madness on the surface or at the least,  just  a bad idea, is often the seed of something quite remarkable. I have learned to always have my ear to theContinue Reading

Inherent Risk

On this Fourth of July,  a short note. As we memorialize our Nation’s birth it is a point of honor and gratitude that we recall the quest to embrace and engage in risk. Forward momentum and a new horizon would be found for those willing to set foot and family on a leaky ship. TheContinue Reading