Bali Journal 6: Gusti Gathering

I am sitting roadside in a wood carvers village clattering away on my Macbook Pro while Bali rushes by around me. Time to journal yesterday while Donna, Ketut and Aaron shop. Yesterday was a long roll day. One time lapse of a rice field being harvested, ran for 9 hours and ended in a carefullyContinue Reading

Bali Journal 5: Sacrosanct

Just because something is sacred does not mean that it is exempt from entropy and the physical laws of change. In fact, being sacred may mean that every force in this world is immediately set in motion with the express purpose of subverting that consecrated thing. It is the world’s way. Sacred refers to beingContinue Reading

Bali Journal 4: Detritus

I am a dark shadowy form crouched at a smallish desktop in a palatial villa in Ubud Bali. The room is dark for the most part. It is Sunday night. My girlfriend Donna lies naked reading in a giant bed dressed in fresh white linen with pillows adorned with  fresh white and yellow plumeria whichContinue Reading

Bali Journal 3: A Day Apart….

Sometimes will drop into your life announced. But in our case we had plenty of advance warning. A couple years back, Donna and I had met David Booth and learned of the work he had accomplished through his organization, East Bali Poverty Project. This morning, as we rolled down the gravel drive of Villa GayatriContinue Reading

A Bali Journal: 2

Another amazing day here on Bali. Fashion and art imaging work followed by carefully choreographed motion picture work. So happy to have Aaron Marcelino on board. He worked his first stint ever as a Director today and did pretty darned well. Spent several hours in Denpassar interviewing East Bali Poverty Project’s David Booth and learnedContinue Reading

A Bali Journal: 1

Uneventful smooth sky sailing into Bali, and here we are in one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen. David Booth and Sam Holcomb of East Bali Poverty project “get it” when “it” means hospitality apparently. The villa they arranged for us to rent in Ubud is far and away the most amazingContinue Reading

Everyone Loves a Parade

The Boss says it best in this song. Old, yet still vital, for the memories it evokes and the poignant reminder it leaves us with. Ventura, or Ventucky as many of us fondly refer to this town, was considered a way station between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara for years. It has come into it’sContinue Reading

Living is Training

Many speak of the debt created in dying for a cause: “So and so died for this country.” But it is much more difficult and strenuous, to fight and live for one.  I am convinced that many of the vanquished would agree. Nobody embraces dying for a cause. Many will not live for one either.Continue Reading