While the World Shakes

The Rim Of Fire collapses and expands and it is in upheaval right now. I could feel it coming while we were on Bali. Daily messages came in the form of little tremors, groans and bumpy vertiginous moments. A larger quake hit as we left Depassar. Now pain reigns in may places in the Rim.Continue Reading

The Artist as Asset

Well, I am home again. Sort of. Bali, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Central Coast California for a half day. It has been a long last month or so of being “on the road” building assets, which basically means creating content in stills and motion picture to be used in roughly a dozen ongoing projects. TheContinue Reading

Bali Journal 7: Gianyar

Today saw a visit to a Balinese market place, where once again, we appeared to be the only foreigners. Monday night we are hosting a party at our Villa, so we went out shopping for the odds and ends that we would need. Gusti’s wife has generously offered to prepare food for 20, and bringContinue Reading