Tyler Swain and I strode arm in arm, lock step, across the pavers in the foyer of the swank, old, Figueroa Hotel. It was a rainy night in Downtown LA. I was just back from some time away with Shawn Alladio in Oregon and Northern California, and being immersed in watery adventure. Tyler was freshContinue Reading

The Mavericks Challenge: Ready, Aim, Stand

  Modus An Operator’s perspective I am just in the door from Maverick’s. We had quite an adventure up there. This trip I was a part of the K38  Mavericks Water Rescue Team. I joined K38 long ago, on the heels of shooting the 2000 Tow Surfing Championships at Jaws. I realized in the courseContinue Reading

Silent Running

Interesting lyrics. It is something which I became accustomed to quite early in life, the turning off of daily communications. I grew up alongside an interesting group of people. Many of them have been pretty much the best of the best at every manner of endeavor. I noticed that periodically and regularly, they go silent.Continue Reading