Like it or not, we all are linked to our past. Our lives when viewed, in the perspective of our ancestors and those who come after us, our successors, will always reflect our willingness to engage in behavior which in the broader scope of time, will reflect our individual decisions. There really is no suchContinue Reading

Elements: Blood to Bone

Water and air. Air and water. Blood to bone. Flesh of one’s own. The uninitiate fascinate over the sea and the creatures in it. But for a surfer, the relationship is one of kindred spirit. “Oh yes, that is”: insert marvelously made marine entity, referred to casually by those in the water tribe, in similarContinue Reading

Modus: Light and Water

“How many shots did it take to acquire this one?” It is a good question. I hear it a lot. Here is how it works… Learn your craft. Buy the right camera and lens setup. Build-acquire the housing. Figure out optics in water. Watch weather.  Select a swell, tide, surf break, weather pattern with theContinue Reading

Motivation Song

This shot is of Ventura Surfer Adam Virs. It was taken in Ventura California, just south of the Harbor. You can see Two Trees, a landmark, in the background. If you are from Ventura, this image is pretty cool. It is a frame from the second or third roll of film that I ever shotContinue Reading

The Island

A sloop rode astride disparate shades of blue, the ocean looking as if Gauguin had paletted every tone of that color available in the universe. The lone boat sheered through, cutting the briefest of white swaths, which were deftly consumed by azure strokes of the artist’s brush. Wind sung in the lines, with slap ofContinue Reading

Mother’s Day?

Mothers are one of the most under appreciated things, because society at large, seems to have no understanding that they are templated off of God Himself. Therein lies the quandry. God being neither male or female has made humanity in his image. So the female is the other part, which imparts the nature of GodContinue Reading

Hybrid Vigor

n. Increased vigor or other superior qualities arising from the crossbreeding of genetically different plants or animals. Also called heterosis. Typically the term is reserved for describing the increased performance of a species. But in Ventura California we have been seeing our fair share of the above described noun more in the form of aContinue Reading