It is always the scarcity of a thing which imparts value in the perception of a viewing public, so artists tend to withold showing too much of their hand at once. I remember a photographer with whom I worked years ago, who would hoard his work, and release it one image at a time overContinue Reading


A lot of subjects pass my way. Whether I am examining and experiencing those as a Journalist, Photographer or Film Maker, one of the primary goals is to properly interpret the subject into the context I choose for the final communication of the work. This shoot was at the behest of my friend Peter Ganibi,Continue Reading

Windows of Perception

Perspective is a unique line item for all of us. Our own Point Of View (POV for short) is one that, being our own, may not seem particularly special to us. I find myself overlooking the fact that I can be rather unique. You may tend to do that as well. As a photographer, writer,Continue Reading

Surfing Is

The motivation for this piece began with the publication of the following story in the WSJ, to which I contributed an image of my girlfriend Donna Von Hoesslin. Read the comment section, post story, and you will see a diversity of opinions (including mine) that are quite revelatory about each person’s point of view regardingContinue Reading

Light Monger

I have always been a light monger. To me it was apparent, that I would always want to walk in light, be led by it, emanate it. So it comes as a bit confusing, and stark, when something as overcast as anger, gets stirred into the brightness. But seeing the thick black thread of darknessContinue Reading

Be Brilliant

There is quite a gap between being good and brilliant, between high art, and low. Brilliance and high art, will take one right into the throne room of God. You come away from the experience, knowing that something special has occurred: you have been touched by Creativity. Watch this if you have ten minutes. ThisContinue Reading

An Independent Nature

The United States Of America is founded on the tenets located in the US Constitution. All laws and the people who preside over the law, are based on this document. All Municipal and State laws are superceded and presided over by the Federal laws, based on this document. So no entity may pass a lawContinue Reading

Evil : This is Personal

It is a choice whether to follow truth or falsehood. I never bought into the Film “An Inconvenient Truth. “ Lets get that straight between us. I could make a long list of reasons for this as a businessman,  film maker, Journalist, ex manufacturer, Science fan, Environmentalist, and someone who participated in the formation ofContinue Reading