Canon 5D Mark 2: Trial by Fire

My 5D Mark 2 system has been getting quite the workout of late. The other night Tyler Swain came by. Tyler is the talented director, writer, camera operator who, when I am lucky, I get to work with. He had dropped by after a  long day working on an episode of Top Gear, to beContinue Reading

Stand Up

Shawn Alladio of K38 Rescue, has composed something beautiful for our warriors, and it also applies to those of you who seek to implement change. Shawn trains these men. She understands cost and expense, better than anybody I have met. She has told me repeatedly over the years, that for every valid action, every effort,Continue Reading

The Shift

American culture is at a turning point. By and large, and in spite of  generalizations being just that, we don’t make much in this country any more. I say that from the perspective of being a Californian, and a former manufacturer, retailer, turned artist. To build anything in California today one must overcome great odds,Continue Reading

Focus and Awareness

In a culture that is enamored with here and now, and proximity of the rapid flow of daily events, we have unwittingly engaged what I think to be a somewhat innocently architected, lack of focus. Sort of like  a baby in a crib so taken by a hanging mobile that he has forgotten his bottleContinue Reading


I watched an Airshow at Point Mugu NAS this weekend. I was impressed. The USAF Thunderbirds, a precision flight team, performed. I found myself awed and inspired. Why would a water centric, eco minded, sustainability preaching, artist like me, love what I saw? Because it demonstrated mightiness. I stand, able to write this blog andContinue Reading

Non Artistic Interpretation

It was only a year or two ago, when I realized that I am an “artist”. At a very young age I painted. My Father and Uncle were both painters. So as any child would, I simply took for granted that painting and drawing were normal endeavors. At 12 I had learned Photography and studiedContinue Reading