Walking Backwards

When growth really isn’t. This was inspired by a conversation with my oldest son Joshua, as he and I were looking at what defines our paths forward. “I think a life for music is a well-spent one.” -Luciano Pavoratti What I have learned, is that the  things which I embrace and implement into my life,Continue Reading

The Big Nevermind

The City of Ventura is my home. I have owned a house and various other properties and leases here for 30 years. Communities are pretty simple really. Generally they are composed of diverse components, all assembled in a willingness to live and work in a place that they find desirable. The willingness to contribute, isContinue Reading

Ventura Groans

The following was written to me by Dr Ed Brenegar, who heads up the Community of Leaders It was written in reference to a close look I am taking at the Ventura City Council’s decision to implement pay parking in my town. What at first glance, was described to be a rather benign plan toContinue Reading

What Matters

Cost of Leadership. We matter. How we keep our heart, hold rein over our emotions, the manner in which one moves forward with the myriad number of little choices made in the course of  a day, adds up to the direction a life takes. Who we have around ourselves, who would follow us into aContinue Reading

Coastal Classics Are No Accidents

A lot goes on in the creation of a commercial production shoot. This one developed over a relatively long period of time. Recently, almost by chance I had reconnected with an old colleague and friend, Glenn Gravett, who I had met when we both worked designing my own company apparel and surfboard art, decades ago.Continue Reading