Fact of the Matter: Inconvenient Truths

I got in a lively discussion on Global Warming the other day. More specifically Anthropogenic Global Warming. It is a “given” that we humans have  the capacity to foul the Earth. It is also a given that the Earth by it’s architecture will cleanse itself. In the civilized and educated Western world we typically endeavorContinue Reading

High Art

There is a friend of mine, Joe Cardella, who has coined a phrase: “Art Saves Lives” When looked at sideways you can truly understand that statement. However, approach it with logical pragmatism and you will in fact, experience NO magical transformation in your life at all. The reason for this is because the human heartContinue Reading

Friends and Heroes

I got to have lunch with a friend of mine this week, who I follow pretty closely, but due to our busy schedules, I rarely actually get to sit down with. As he and I shared our passions, pains, frustrations, joys and aspirations over a light meal at our favorite Taqueria, I told him howContinue Reading

Perceptive Kindness

There are many ways one can approach a project and the people who will be involved. I learned early in life, that it is always best to be kind, and accord respect to people, and that frequently, the ones whose appearance may not betray it, are really the ones in charge. But beyond that, itContinue Reading

Gaviota Muse

Robb Havassy is up visiting right now. Yesterday, I got to introduce the publisher of the culturally iconic book Surf Story, to Joe Cardella, who among a long list of artistic accomplishments, was also the creator and publisher of Art Life, a leading collectible monthly publication. Joe’s stint at the helm was twenty five yearsContinue Reading