An Easter Aloha

One of my areas of interest has always been to learn about the mindset of a people, living in a place that modern man now frequently refers to as paradise,  which caused that race, a nation of free human beings, to accept the slavery that comes with the embrace of a religion. I am writingContinue Reading


I had been immersed in a swimwear shoot and building more imagery was the last thing on my list of things to do. But Hans call came on the heels of a 16 hour day on the computer and the passage of a cold front which left a rather dramatic sky. So I made myContinue Reading


  Garrett MacNamara and I have been perpetually bumping into each other for over a decade now.  He and I for many years, just seemed to always be in the same place and time to see the ocean and weather coincide to produce some remarkable moments. He surfed. I shot. AFterwards we both laughed. “Wow,Continue Reading

Robb Havassy: All Access Pass

The spacious meeting hall is filled with the hustle and bustle of the curious, the sage, and the uninitiate, there on invitations from various cognescenti in the Chinese marketing and fashion world, to view a first of it’s kind offering by a new American designer, and Surfing cultural icon, Artist Robb Havassy. The show isContinue Reading

Cuarto Negro

  In principle it works well, this walk in the light sort of path. But the thing about light, is that it tends to make one imminently aware of what darkness is all about. Corbis Images, frequently sends it’s Photographers out creative briefings. One such note which I read today, was on Darkness. People seemContinue Reading


I have a lot of friends who are into music. They all range in experience, depth, scope, and level of monetization. Music is one of the High Arts of course. How a person begins in any Art germinates in a fascination with it. I remember mine. Getting to play my Hawaiian Grandfathers Zither. I mustContinue Reading