A Thanksgiving Story

A little while ago, at the behest and planning of artist Robb Havassy, I found myself at the home of film maker Bruce Brown. Though I tend to want to keep some aspects of my life private, this is something to share, as it is a story about the power of gratitude. November twenty fourthContinue Reading


I often wonder what goes through the mind of some people who, intent on winning, never consider that, in the pursuit and application of the process of the win, they are working to insure a contract be executed on their existence. I cannot recall how many times I have endeavored to explain symbiosis versus parasitismContinue Reading

Pursuing Happy

One of the things that always strikes me about Bali and the Balinese is the degree of happiness which exists. Some may say that being happy is a choice. Well it is, sort of. But not the type of selection one may suspect. Happiness is in the choices open to you as an individual andContinue Reading

Love Does

  I find myself back in the office, in Ventura, California, and once again, am up before the chickens. Maybe it is jetlag. But I doubt it. My waking dream was about love. Not the manner or type of which one might think, coming from somebody who just proposed marriage to his long time girlfriend. Continue Reading