Truth Glows

Big difference between the darkness of a Lie and brightness of Truth. Seth Godin absolutely nails the job description of the Creative, in this blogpost he titles Transparent or Translucent. Below is a fascinating story taken from an internet hoax of sorts where someone twisted the TRUTH and did it to their own benefit. MyContinue Reading

Respect for the Subject

Respect narrowly defined, is examined here in this Wiki link. One of the key elements for a creative in a study of any sort, is respect of subject. But here is the twist. One has to respect one’s self first. If that aspect is not nailed to the floor of a soul, the oft timesContinue Reading

The Percolative Effect of Mike de Gruy

  “Self-knowledge comes from knowing other men.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Oft times I will awake with my soul in what could be described as a jumble. Ever use one of those old percolating coffee pots? The type which, when the water boils, it spews forth, on to fresh dark ground coffee, and theContinue Reading