Apocryphal Wave


California Series Ch. 2

Maybe it is the surge in weird news. Maybe it is being too closely informed of the goings on in Ventura City, where I live. But I found myself at a bit of a loss when I heard of the latest greatest mean spirited shenanigans of some local politicians. It was so depressing that these elected officials could treat the people I live with so poorly and with such disrespect, that I found myself in a cave today.

So while I was in there I did some Art. In this blog are three images, and they are called the Apocryphal Wave Series.

Here, I will save you the trouble.

apocryphal |əˈpäkrəfəl|
(of a story or statement) of doubtful authenticity, although widely circulated as being true


I found these photographs buried in a 27,000 image edit file (digital cave) this evening and decided to paint a little bit. Brightened my mood.

Here is a little editorial piece written by Camille Harris today. She pretty accurately describes what is happening to Venturans. But it is more than just my podunk little town. It is all of California. Yep. You know what comes next. As California goes….

Time to build something apocryphal. No one will notice. Everybody does it.

So here you go. Three images. They are real.  Okay, so they may NOT be photorealistic, but at least someone is being honest around here.


Seth Godin pounds a few nails into the framework of restructuring, in this blog.

So, cognitive dissonance well in hand, I have crept out of the digital cave and seeing “it” sleeping on the hillside, have tipped the first cow in the series. Take your community back. You live there. You pay for it. Your children deserve that. It is how this State will return to health. It is where safety health and happiness lie. Mind the cow though.


4 Responses to Apocryphal Wave

  1. And life goes on. Nature will reset the ‘stop button’.

    Beautiful imagery, beautiful life.

    Take time to smell, see and feel it.


  2. Most watch the wave overtake them..but a few spin around, drop in and partake of the energy. We all need to keep paddling…hard…picking off a few waves of life that we enjoy…that help others. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for this Dan. The analogy is one that is very accurate. Makes me wonder about who we ought to invite to the beach with us. Reminds me of the men who established beach heads in WW 2 and sacrificed so much for this country. I find the level of ignorance- disrespect for the sacrifices people have made for this country to be part of the catalyst for decisions which throw a town under the bus in these difficult times.

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