Art and the Peaceful Warrior

Art and the Peaceful Warrior

This week I wound up shooting a motion picture project for my son’s martial arts company gym Puu Muay Thai here in Ventura.

My wife Donna and I, also had a visit from our close friend, internationally acclaimed fine artist Edem Elesh and his 15 year old son Griffen, who I had not seen in over a decade when he was a teensy little guy playing with Donna’s hair as we visited Edem in his Hollywood digs.

Edem Elesh at the Oceanroom Gallery.

Simultaneously, my colleague and friend Robb Havassy, let the world know that Surf Story Vol 2 was headed to print after nearly 6 years of effort and contribution, by members of a wide swath of the Surf and Art communities.

As I sat at dinner last night with my wife, who is lead designer and founder of Betty Belts and Ming Hui Brown, one of her staff and athletes, we all discussed business challenges in the growing company, that was created via Donna’s art and ocean based life vision. Betty Belts provides economic and educational benefit and opportunity as a female driven endeavor, here in the US, and in the developing nation of Bali. Having been the company brand development Photographer since it’s inception, I am stunned by the impact it is making in the world. One little company accomplishing so much!

The affect of the week’s work left me with a stark impression with regard to the people I am fortunate to have in my life, who are all such remarkable creatives.

They impact the world at large as warriors, and each Artist in and of themselves, deep in their heart is a unique and peaceful warrior.

I use the term “Waging Peace” a lot in my own work and meditations. I think on those things involved. Since we live in a world full of voices clamoring to be heard. What should our own work look and sound like?

Here is a great message driven film based on the Dan Millman book the Peaceful Warrior. Watch it here online. (HT to Mark Born)

As I looked around me this week I was left with a feeling of both awe and deep gratitude for the examples set by friends, family, and colleagues. Peaceful warriors, and all people well worth fighting for and alongside, with my own Art and Vision as a member of a community which beautifully impacts this blue marble we rocket through space upon.

I hope this note today encourages those who may need some of that. Because life can wear on one. We all need to be prepared and trained, spirit soul and body, if we are to accomplish anything of merit in our lives.

That matters. So do you.

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