Bali Journal, Week 2

Bali Journal, Week 2


We left Ubud by taking a winding route by our friend Gusti’s home, and then made our way out to the shore of E. Bali to spend a bit of time at the beach, as well as catch up with Michael Lorenti, a fellow member of 1% for the Planet with his company Sensatia Botanicals.

Ketut, and her husband Willie drove u,s and we made sort of a family type outting of it, with the four of us.

The tempo of life while being much more leisurely here, is pretty intriguing on several levels, especially when we got to have dinner and catch up with Michael, and talk late into the night about all that had transpired in the three years since we had seen each other.

And then there was time with Isabel, a French-American woman who owns and runs Villa Kelapa where we would stay this trip. Her place is fantastic, and is set approx 300 meters back from the shoreline.
Isabel understands Bali quite well, and as a resident and an international citizen brings a perspective to conversation that is rare to find and riveting to interact with.

Where we stay on the E shore is home to a fairly dark collection of Hindu Gods which generally endeavor to make their presence known in a variety of ways. I will write more on that later.

The Canon 70D was kept busy shooting several day and night long time lapses. One night time one with approx 2400 images shot a frame every 15 seconds (see gallery sample) was particularly remarkable, as it caught lighting flashes, the rotation of an incredibly dense star field complete with planets and meteors, all of it in a jungle frame of palms.

Donna and I combed the beaches looking for seaglass and met some of the locals. I even managed to trade off my Canon 5DM2 to one young boy around 8 years of age who photographed us all. He was pretty stoked. (So was I) We all had a good time hanging out together. Surf was flat. Donna just poked her head in the door though and said a waist high wave has bumped up. So off we go

In the meanwhile here is a brief collection of images from the road out to the coast, and from our time with friends old and new here.

The image cull in motion and stills is quite good thus far, with 300 gigs having been collected. It is going to take some time to complete when I return to the office at home in the US.

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