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Notes From the Beach
Notes From the Beach

This morning as I prepared for the workday, it was all hustle and bustle in my home. Wrestling with twenty pound cats, charging camera batteries. Organizing my gear for a shoot. Scanning weather data.  Reading a Chapter of Michael Kew’s new book, “Crossings”, and perusing Facebook a bit. Adding a few posts, while monitoring my tone, as best as I am able.

I was surprised to see the face of a rather chubby and notorious “pundit” on the walls of many of my “liberal progressive friends”. These are people who normally would never allow themselves to be in the same room with the man, let alone advertise him on their personal pages. As is that guys normal M.O. he had flamed “an innocent” and now cries of outrage were all over the place. To read it, you would have thought that the man’s actions were something new.

But they were not.

He does this for a reason. It works.

So now my friends were all calling for him to be taken “off the air”. The pundit has got to be laughing. Why? He just won. He got people who are normally pretty level, to stoop to his calculated level AND advertise some of his vitriol as well.

That is the modern World which we live in. It is one of egregious misdirection and it is generally done for one primary reason, and issues forth from the shadow world of fiscal prurient interest. That intention being, to control the attentions of a body of people so that they do not focus on the real issues at hand, so that some may profit.

The net effect of this, is that people who should be collectively outraged by the greater issues, which crush our spirit and land, run in circles and tilt at windmills. Funny thing about windmills. As long as a wind blows, they will continue to turn, and the grinding wheel crushes all productivity. Unfortunately it is the bottom which our formerly Democratic Republic has reached, as Partisan Politics have become a mere facade, which thinly masks the Corporatism whose strings manipulate the players in Govt.

I won’t put the pundit’s name or face on my blog. He is a notorious bottom dweller, and his handlers are smart men. I have had little but disgust for the man most of my life. But I do accede to his unalienable right to pursue his work and business and his contrived “opinions”

We all should. But if one disagrees with him, the best thing to do is to ignore the entire mess. Don’t buy in on anything associated with him. Just stop. Personally act. And help someone who builds. Put your attention there. Much needs fixing these days. We all need to study up, focus, and refuse to be led astray. CREATE something. Grow.

Wolfgang Von Goethe put it well.

“Divide and rule, the politician cries; unite and lead, is watchword of the wise.”

Yesterday, a Sunday, was spent studying a wide variety of things. Twelve hours straight online, while slowly working through an art file from a shoot the other day, when pressure and a feeling of claustrophobia from tales of much nastiness being delivered to my in box about my own poorly led town, made me feel in need of a saltwater bath. (Images posted below)

On my return, I had sat down to watch a  Ted talk that Donna Von Hoesslin had sent me. I liked the talk. But what I found most enlightening was the discourse which followed on the TED website. It was compelling enough that it caused me to finally register for Ted, and begin my own contribution to the conversations which occur there. I do not engage everything. The reason for that, is life today has the effect of a riot on the soul and psyche. Information, disinformation, lies, misdirection, leveraging, manipulating, all of it really an endeavor to market: something.

Here is that Ted talk. Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future

The realization that all marketers are liars is what turned me on to Seth Godin actually. The man has chops. But some lies really sneak up on one. Pays to be enlightened. Seth perpetually riffs on how marketing works and in reading him, you begin to step into a certain flow of understanding, regarding who indeed your puppet master may be. That is crucial, if one wants progress within a Community and in one’s life and work and yes, family.

Coming up this month is the Triiibes 2012 Global Retreat, which will be hosted by our friends here in Ventura California. We are calling the event, FLOW. Our hope is that in this impressive gathering of bright lights, that people will connect and participants benefit in their lives, businesses, and Communities from stepping into Flow, and away from strife. Here is the website.  Check out the speakers, peruse the plans. See if it is a fit for you. Come. You are invited. The only caveats being that you know about Seth Godin,  NEED some flow, and have something to add to the conversation. That is right, YOU are to be a co creator of Flow 2012. The event should be a LOT of fun, and is being organized by some very generous and talented people, who all want you, and your community to thrive. There is much strength to be gained in that, if we invest in our Tribe.

The images below are me stepping into my source of flow. The sea. If you come to Flow 2012, in the tradition of the ancient Polynesians, we are going to throw you in it.

Sent along by Skip Saenger, this very pertinent TedX music presentation by Jackson Browne. “If I could be anywhere”.

Aloha oe.

4 Responses to Be the Enlightened

  1. This character that you speak of is a gift. Without the darkness we would not so brightly see the light. He is an exquisite example of what happens to us if we lose sight of truth and harshly judge one another. This is what it looks like to speak without knowledge.

  2. Not sure I have the stomach for this. All these distractions have succeeded in creating these smoke and mirrors. Where has our passion and integrity gone? I ask this of my government, my community and myself. The American dream is in a coma somewhere from drinking too much of the kool-aid. Time to shift the paradigm of what is the American dream.

    My American Dream: “we have the ability to use technology to better the quality of life for the future. That Americans will desire to be a leader in sustainable industry, and will work with our global community to learn. Our politicians corruption will be from competing to be the first to create green industry and not from greed of the corporate pig. Social media will be the watch dog for awareness and call to action, not the latest Beiber Tweet. The new medical system will incorporate the knowledge of shamans, and healers. Bring back the mid wife! The FDA will no longer be an administration under politics, but now an advocate to protect the human species from toxicity and pharmecuticals.

    Technology is here to serve us, to expand the vision and message. Technology no longer serves us when we use it to manipulate, corrupt and control. I believe we already have the power to create great change, but the idiots are still in the way.

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