Being Clear

I ran into a friend the other day, who brought up an interesting point about some of my work.

In essence, this is what he said.

“Do you realize that you often leave it to us, to figure out what you are trying to communicate? That can be really frustrating, as so many of us are busy with other things, and we  want to get it. But there is no time to track through all the links and study it all out. You may want to consider just telling us the answer.”

It really is a good point that he made. My fiance, Donna says this same thing to me frequently.

My answer typically has been this: “I do it for a reason. Maybe not everyone should ‘get it’. People tend to value things which they earn.”

But it gave me a lot to think about. Friends are good that way. They sharpen us. Because they really do care.

In edit this weekend, as I worked through post production, I came across this image of a teensy wave washing up a sea glass beach.

Colors are significant in that they illustrated different energy signatures. Water, when it is pure, is clear. Yet in the Sea, it contains the genetic signature of all life. It reflects every color in the spectrum. When polluted, it implements a process which eventually will purify it once again. It will go back to being clear to the eye. Yet below the range of human sight, there still is another universe active within it.

Yes, something to think about, for sure.

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  1. David, I had a great time at the show with Donna, and look forward to Vegas will keep on trucking with the faith that we are the greater source together, like the ocean we see the surface, but the magic is deeper than we know. I have been battling with a bad cough but am slowly winning, thank you so much for your help and like the blog, Clear is my goal, I feel we like the ocean are all polluted with the product of civilization and in the ideal we will be clear, the key is letting go of the great assumption that we know, that in it self is pollution and like a child the joy of discovery will find us back in the flow of life that is clear and true, the only path is love and the ocean of life will clear the tears away and we will dance on the stars once again Hightech Ocean Proa Explorations H.O.P.E.

  2. And yet, we are so worried about mother nature. We don’t have to worry about it too much, just treat it with respect, which we haven’t been. 🙁 It will always be there, but if we keep it up, we won’t.

    I can say that I enjoy when you “get to the point”, as it’s hard to sit and read through a lot during a busy day.

    • Thank you for inputting the ship’s course my my creativity Jon. Appreciate your perspective and gentle advice.

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