Blue Note

There have been a  series of pointed questions aimed in my direction the past year or so.

Many of those have resulted in my being invited into conversations, where my presence as a Creative was sought for a variety of purposes. A year ago, I laughed at the preposterously huge scope of the problems.

Today I am stunned by the knowledge that we have located solutions for them.

In ONE year. These are huge issues. So how to start, in seeing that they are implemented?



Behind it all, is my firm belief that only in a collective effort, based around an understanding of the Sea, and Man’s ability to accurately assess and design solutions according to a long term cycle, will true and valid choices be made.

Why the Ocean? Why the Big Blue?

That is where life came from, and in that fluid passivity is found a great expansive intelligence.

Mankind has a vested interest in seeking what many of us term  “win-win” sort of solutions, which our world really needs, in order to gain exponential results, in defiance of the entropy we see emerging daily, around us all.

Some of these projects, I am not at liberty to discuss. However, there are a few being launched, that I am able to touch upon. In the ensuing months I will log some of these into the blog here, from time to time.

One project, done under the auspices of a new collaborative business endeavor named Ocean Lovers, is called the Blue Note. It is a simple thing, intentionally small, minor.

blue note:
noun: Music
a minor interval where a major would be expected, used esp. in jazz.

Here is the first one. A Blue Note, is intended to create unity of purpose. It is an invitation to be like water, and in that process become part of a solution that is true.

It is in the short strokes and small choices, where eventually, great change is seeded. In an openly adversarial socio-political system, there is much strength to be gained in the common bond of health, happiness and collaboration. But in order to acquire that, a group must fall in under one banner. A collective must arise that eschews adverarialism, in it’s foundational Philosophy.

Why pick a fight, when there can be no winners? Just cut to the desired end result, and focus on that. In this there is great economic and cultural gain to be made.

A few years back, my friend, George Orbelian, came up with the idea that we ought to form an Ocean Nation. Well, we are running with that idea. Many of us who live in, around or whose lives are otherwise all about the Ocean, have joined together.

You may be surprised at who seeds much of the change. Though the concepts are founded upon a collaborative of people with lives and careers in the Science and Research fields, it is you who will make the difference.

One drop of water is where it starts, and the most grand voyage begins, with one little push.

This will be good. The world needs more of that.


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