Ethics Slice

Ethics Slice

There is much to be said regarding the power held in the art of a creative. The reason for this lies in the modus of all of the Arts: to effect the climate of the human heart and soul.

Once again, a Facebook post by a friend illustrated the outrage that runs close to the surface in American Culture, at a Govt which seems to have run amok. They had been discussing the Clinton family criminal record and apparent lack of prosecutorial action to rein in what many see as an ongoing insult to the Nation. Below is what I wrote. It is as much a reminder to myself as it was to my friends.

National Heartbeat

We hold a lot of responsibility and power both as Americans and as creative lights. Living in a Nation which at incalculable expense, has established itself as the proverbial monster in the room with over 1000 (the actual number is not public) military bases-installations globally, and an Imperialistic potentiality that makes Ghengis Khan appear as an amateur, we have a lot to live up to.

So why do we put up with what we see in Politics?

Just a simple question. Maybe ask yourself this: why do I play along?

Every creative has a great personal responsibility to question their belief structure, and do so perpetually. Why? Because what we make will alter the human heart and cumulatively, that affects events which determine the course of History.

It really is not the politicians who hold court in the halls of power. It is us.

That is why when you look at History, the despots come for the Artists first. But not in the way we pridefully believe: to shut us up. They come to purchase us.

So here is my question.

What is your price?

Here is a beautiful piece from HBO and Steven Spielberg. On the surface, very inspiring, and humbling. But beneath, a darkness swirls. The Krissoff story. Watch the related concert and you might see what I am getting at.

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    • It reminded me of the value in Family, Gayle. I am glad that we have this connection. Our Fathers would be pleased!

  1. Less we forget, “the day is always over, but the war is never won.” This ambiguous wording was a rare sentiment for the up lifting, the continuum of inspiration, as to allow native peoples on this planet to co-exist, to flourish with the love that has been bestowed upon us…
    Great job Mr. Pu’u.

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