Evil : This is Personal

Dark and Light
Dark and Light

It is a choice whether to follow truth or falsehood.

I never bought into the Film “An Inconvenient Truth. “ Lets get that straight between us. I could make a long list of reasons for this as a businessman,  film maker, Journalist, ex manufacturer, Science fan, Environmentalist, and someone who participated in the formation of some of the rules written by CARB. But my principal reason, was that I choose what I will embrace based upon the character of the person communicating it, and the tone of their message.


In my work in business and retail for 20 years, I ran across all manner of Con (sort for confidence) based criminals. I learned a lot about their modus, as my company had to work alongside the Santa Barbara DA’s office in prosecuting them.

Their methods are typically based on leveraging limited credibility to a perceived promised positive outcome. But in reality, the victim is always just that, a target where by the Con man achieves his goal. Those goals can range from an illegitimate grasp of power-authority, right on down the laundry list of assets the Con man would like to have handed to him. Cars, products, cash, real estate and in Mr. Gore’s case: latitude and credibility to acquire power, influence of a movement, and ultimately: money.

So when Al Gore, a man whose business has been Politics, was put up as a poster boy for a theory that appeared to be fear based, I saw it immediately for what it was. A confidence game.

I refused to follow him. I chose Truth instead.


This post is not really about  Evil. It is about Truth. Jesus said this: I am the way, the Truth, and the Life (Light). He also said: I am the light of the world. The one who follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”


So I looked at Al Gore: lot of darkness there. Not where I ever wanted to go personally. And this IS personal. This is all about personal choice and correct path.

So you can believe what Al preaches if you want to. But you may want to have a look at the latest mess to see who you followed, if you really do not want to take the longer path of educating yourself on Physical Science, and the tenets of environmental control.


In this report the victim reveals everything about Al Gore’s character. I believe her. Not because I want to. I would rather he was not what he appears to be. But in any event, I will not put myself in that sort of darkness.

That is the real and very inconvenient truth. Al probably believes his own lies. As most Law Enforcement personnel will tell you, most good Con men do. How else would they convert people into being true believers?

More truths from a  Senate Subcommittee.

These folk’s view is ahead of ours in the timeline of eco based legislature. They come from a European POV. They made a film about it too.

So on this Fourth of July, do yourself and your country a favor. We are at war. Our men  and women in the military, live and die for the tenets of this country. But behind the lines of our own borders, we have other enemies, and their strength is based on keeping the public in the dark, about who and what they really are about.

So make the tenets you select be Truth based. This is VERY personal.  It is about choice, and yours matters. It will determine what happens to this country and it’s future generations.

Independence Day
Independence Day

I like these guys. The Shoemaker Brothers live their choices out loud. This song is based on Samuel Shoemaker’s own experiences as a US Serviceman. It is called Dancing Girl.

As an example of a man I would follow, there is Harold Estes.

Have a real Independence Day. Choose Truth. Walk in the light.

6 Responses to Evil : This is Personal

  1. An interesting take, David, and most timely – of course, many of us who have been Gore supporters chose him a the greatly lesser of two evils, as is so often — far too often — the case in American politics. It’s a shame that the substantive measure of a man — at least a political man — in this age is in comparison to his rival, rather than purely on his (or her) own merits.

    Not sure we can say the sun has set on Gore’s presidential ambitions, but it’s hard to not see clearly the world in a far better place had the Bush administration’s eight years been given to a Gore administration instead.

    Shrug, it’s a tangled web — but it’s also DAMN hard to find a good man — an untainted man — in national office. I don’t know of any… perhaps in the end we can conclude that it’s the system that has been fatally corrupted, so that it brokers in men, even well-intentioned men, the same kind of evil you’re writing about.

    Wonder how Jimmy Stewart’s :Mr.Smith” would fare, going to Washington in this diabolical age….

    • The corruption of politics of corruption. Probably the most interesting thing to ponder lately is that with the abundance of info available is an abundance of carefully calculated misinformation. This all reminds me of a broad version of the theme in Wag The Dog Jim. Thanks man.

  2. This is a great blog post. I want to buy a barn and have your picture “light” painted on the side of it, 30 feet tall.

    I guess if you have a politician who is truthful and pure, they lose their job. That said, I don’t think any of us are capable of being entirely pure in the sense that we do get fooled into believing things that are not true, things we pass onto others with the conviction of truth, which makes us perhaps unwittingly a bit like the con men. I think we can be forgiven, but should we forgive ourselves?

    What can we do? I think we can work as hard as possible to recognize we all always have biases; we can try to recognize what our biases are, as an individual, then try to set them aside and see the truth. If we strip away what we want to be true; if we are willing to change our opinion without suffering our ego; if truth, comforting, upsetting, or surprising as it may be, becomes our drug of choice, then maybe we can change the game.

    As it is, we live in a game where truth is merely one choice of accessory, and it is rarely the prettiest, most comfortable, or most beneficial. To change the game, we have to change, you & me. Human beings have to change

    Whether you believe in evolution or creationism, human beings right now have a need to evolve. Surely our inability as a species to see and confront truth carries a risk of extinction. Nature does not suffer idiots in the long run

    • “Nature does not suffer idiots in the long run”

      Simply brilliant as a rule for governing choices Eric. Thank you!

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