Walking Among Us
Walking Among Us

This is the sixth installment in the series on many loves. It is on Heroes.

The world seems to have  a real thirst for heroes. Artist Hilda Kilpatrick yesterday, asked me what the word hope meant to me. I told her that hope was seeing the future as the way you would like it to be.

Heroes inspire that in us.

Though I have lead a life that has had me in the company of champions, and people that always seemed to be the best in the world at what they do, I must admit that none would consider themselves to fit into that category. In fact, most would seek obscurity if given the chance. Sort of the opposite of our cultural world view, where we seek and desire to elevate these who believed, when few else would have thought to.

A hero does what needs doing, when no one is watching. They are a best case example of what happens when Faith comes to abide in the human heart. Hope opens the door to Faith. Faith in turn swings wide an entirely new realm of possibilities for the future. It will kick you down the right path when maybe, the true direction is not so clear to the rest of your world.

These days I continue to be surrounded by heroes. Some of the brightest examples are in my Community and exist in places and under cover of a disguise that is nearly impenetrable in it’s obscure and sublime design.

Though unrest exists as never before in this country and a huge dis satisfaction with Governance has arisen, sometimes rightfully so (It is within the regular process of maintaining a Republic), I see the tenets of heroism even in my town’s City Council and Mayor’s office, as they struggle to determine the correct direction for Ventura’s philosophy of leadership.

And within the cultural tableau of this town resides a true community of heroes, people who soldier on as the place groans with the weight of change. Many will never know what these people have invested and risked, so that this place will once more thrive and be a healthy, welcome, warm harbor for a world that has too few left on the California Coast.

Harbor Haven
Harbor Haven

If you ever want to see what a hero looks like, check your world for the one who serves you.

My colleague and friend, Shawn Alladio of K 38 Rescue, lectures repeatedly that we are to be like janitors. In rescue you come in, be un noticed, quietly and efficiently clean up any messes, do any repair that needs doing and leave. That is heroism in action: servitude. She leads a global community of janitors. I like that.

Shawn Alladio
Shawn Alladio

My friend Ed Brenegar, who fronts the Community of Leaders had this to say on the subject.

I have never been particularly fond of cops.  The thought of a black and white generally does not evoke the warm fuzzys. They are literally the ones who, when push comes to shove, must enforce the peace and be the face and hand of the Law. It has to be one of the single toughest jobs in the world today. It is a career which by it’s nature, affords great opportunity daily, to be society’s janitor, and at the same time, be scorned for it.

But in my lifetime some of my deepest inspiration has come through the examples set in the way some Law Enforcement people lead their lives.

I always say that no good deed goes unpunished. The crux of heroism is in the comprehension of that, and retaining both the willingness and skill, to do what needs doing without fanfare, because that is what matters to you.

I keep a list. I look at and see everything. That is my job, seeing. My hero’s list is incredibly long. I think that some people reading this blog would be very surprised to find their names on that list. But that is how I see it, and them.

Seth Godin, describing the scenario for heroism.

Peter Gabriel, in a sonnet for the people who challenge the reality in Haiti. Sent to me by Hilary Minias. Several very close friends of mine have been working quietly on the wreckage of Haiti. Alleviating suffering.

You have to love heros. Not many will.

USCG Stan Team, K38 Training, Astoria, Semper Paratus
USCG Stan Team, K38 Training, Astoria, Semper Paratus

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  1. David,

    You are so amazing! Thank you for your wonderful comments. Yes, HOPE is everything… without hope where would we be?

    That’s the reason why I named my art show “Hope”, because I want to bring hope to the viewer of my paintings!

    I am so glad to have you as a friend!


  2. Yes David. To me, someone like yourself is a hero to me. You go about your day with a passion for what you do, often regardless of how much money you may or may not earn. You just do it because you love to. Now if only everyone could go about their lives in such a idealistic way….. 🙂



  3. My husband is an Army National guard veteran and one if our nations top sharp shooters. So proud if his duty to our country and his endearing accomplishments in his walk with God. Dave, your an inspiration to us all. Your writing brings us to a standing ovation!

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