I have noticed a lot of confusion amongst my friends, who really are quite a diverse lot (and some not so simple to peg themselves, really).

What confuses some of them?

Me, apparently.

There are things which I have little patience for, as I view some issues and how society approaches them via political process, as being rather childish by design.

As I have matured, I determined to put aside childish things as well as inconvenient things, like following politicians or religious leaders who are in point of fact, just doing their jobs. (It is important to know just what the job description entails.)

I do not ever want to lend myself to that if I can help it.

This is why.

I have a foundational belief which causes me to approach Life and comprehension of it’s complex processes in a simple manner. The supreme irony of this is innate IN it’s childishness.

This is me:

All that I see, both visible and invisible, was made for me, and me for that. It belongs to me. I belong to it. So there is an accountability, love and challenge, which flows in all directions. It has always been this way and is integral to my cognitive as well as intuitive, educational processes. It is frequently labeled as being an “Indigineous” or “Native” point of view, and is different from that of Western Man’s somewhat adversarial relationship with this Blue Marble we spin through space and time upon.

Just because a person thinks something does not make it so, at least not at first. But eventually, our thought choices will create a reality for a man, woman, or a culture. And that can have a harmful effect if the foundational beliefs are disconnected from the manner in which our world is architected: spiritually, soulically and physically.

I spent a bit of time studying up on Consensus Reality Theory this week. One of my pals, who is a very together human being, said something awhile ago that struck me. “I have learned while doing research, that my mere presence in the process is able to shift the manner in which an experiment will conclude. It alters the results. And this variance can change each time the experiment is repeated. Think about that, David”

So I did. And will.

We become what we embrace in our lives.

Seth Godin sent along this commencement speech from Harvard Business School this week by Casey Gerald. Well worth the 17 minutes as it underscores what this blog is about quite nicely

Blue Mind is now out in paperback and you can find it here. For those of you who have not heard of the book or series of summits, the program examines through Neuroscience why being in under and around water can positively affect our thought processes and lives. BTW, if you are in Ventura, you can also pick up an author signed copy at Betty Belts. Donna gets them from author and our friend Wallace J Nichols. The shop is at 12 N Fir St in downtown Ventura. I highly recommend this book.

A few images from the week, to go along with the blog’s lead image which is from the remarkable book “Overshoot” You can actually view-read this amazing work of Art at the link!

Creation through a blue filter.
Creation through a blue filter.




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