It is always the scarcity of a thing which imparts value in the perception of a viewing public, so artists tend to withold showing too much of their hand at once.

I remember a photographer with whom I worked years ago, who would hoard his work, and release it one image at a time over the period of his career. His fame and fortune wound up being centered on approximately 9 great images.

I do not think he saw the time we are in coming, where with new tech, and refined approaches, a higher bar for acquisition and communication than ever before would be attained. He set limits on himself and the world of photography.

As I dove into the same field I annihilated those limits. Many have.

Seth Godin has something very succinct to say about limits in his Blog.

The following images are what I would consider to qualify as Golden images. Most were shot on one morning. The rest just happened to be on my desktop today.


Why settle?

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