Heart Surgery

Heart Surgery

“Where your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”

The above is a Bible verse. Typically when one quotes these it is obligatory among theologians to cite the chapter and verse (location) so that people can look the lines up and read them in the larger context of the text.

I am not doing that here. I will leave it to those who read this, to sort out the reason for that.

I typically have reasons for most of what I do in my work and life. Most of us probably do.

This is where the location of our heart matters so very much.

Recently I have been watching with great interest some of the shifts which San Francisco is undergoing. With diverse types of pressure from Silicon Valley related interests, and a massive historic increase in the population base of the City underway, every aspect of the place is being challenged.

Remember that old song which was a love sonnet of sorts for SF? “I Left My Heart, in San Francisco”.

Well, have you ever done that? Left a heart behind?

It is easy to do.

The key image today was shot in SF’s Union Square. The corners of the Square had art installations. Amidst the hustle and bustle which is the retail madhouse and history of the place, someone put a heart. Watching people’s reaction was fascinating.

It matters more than we might think where we place our attention and love.

I question my own choices perpetually, lest I lose my way.

Here is a quirky video piece I did for a Matt Jennings song that said a lot to me about the agreements we make in our culture and lives. The placement of things which matter: our collective hearts. The Forgotten Ones

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  1. Thanks David, needed that just now for the next step on the journey for which we are given, as proscribed, a footlamp and not a headlamp. Much Aloha

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