How to Thrive

How to Thrive

      “The mass of men lead lives of Quiet Desperation”

Henry David Thoreau, from Walden

                               Thoreau went there.


In the midst of a complex and demanding day yesterday, my phone rang. As I looked down at it on the desk, I saw the no caller ID notice on the screen. That tap on the shoulder I get when shit is about to go down said: “Here it comes, may as well deal with everything” And the call was in many ways, more alarming and violent than I could have imagined.

By day’s end, most of the challenges were met and managed, but of course the problem filled phone call lingered inside of me. The issue was  that although I knew the dynamics of the caller and a second person who screamed obscenities at the top of their lungs while I listened calmly, the violence and insanity, were aspects I have long refused to have anywhere near myself and family.

In a life, our choices are like seeds. In time they bear fruit, which is ours and the world’s to harvest. Best thing to do is to endeavor to plant good seeds in fertile soil, and water them regularly. In life, your heart is that soil. Why God instructs us to “keep your heart with all diligence”.

Here is a very accurate little instructional from Dennis Prager on Gratitude. (The water. Which is integral to our happiness)

Here is a fantastic short film on global culture.

HT to Wekku Ari Saaski for it!

                          Home is where the heart is.


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