They Are Off
They Are Off

A lot of subjects pass my way. Whether I am examining and experiencing those as a Journalist, Photographer or Film Maker, one of the primary goals is to properly interpret the subject into the context I choose for the final communication of the work.

This shoot was at the behest of my friend Peter Ganibi, who took me down to Los Alamitos, a horse track he has become quite familiar with,  in his work as a horse trainer over the years. One of the jockeys had died the week prior, and a memorial was slated.

Racing is a culture unto itself. Racing horses, is even more so. Unlike the upper echelons of the sport, these jockeys do it out of pure passion or to put groceries on the table, and maybe to have some possible shot at the big leagues. Or not.

I watched for quite awhile as we wandered through the various parts of the track. Then I chose my lane.

The finish line on this shoot was a long way off. But I liked it when I got there.

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