Letter to a Friend

Sometimes waking moments are comprised of a tap on the shoulder regarding someone I care about. The note below, is as a result of one of those mornings. The person I sent it to, is someone who I respect as a visionary human being.

The images here, are what occurred when the ocean reined over first consciousness, and I rose to meet it.

“Found myself thinking about you today.

Just a note to say hi, and that I hope everything is going well, where ever you are, when this finds you.

Been dealing with incredibly smart and compassionate human beings lately, as well as some amazing donkeys with heels dug into the sod of the past.

I am constantly surprised at how people still feed at the pig trough of Political slop, which seems to be helping send this country down a dark alley.

Makes me appreciate the ocean’s singleness of purpose.

   Aloha oe.”
A sea of light will always overcome the heart of darkness.

 “Is more always better?

Sometimes, only better is better.”  Seth Godin

Here is a unique and beautiful piece of music by Nahko, called Medicine for the People. Sent along by Jeff Parker

You can see and purchase my Art based work here, at Solitary Exposure.  At Corbis Images, if you have a Commercial request, and in various publications world wide. It is my plan to connect as many people as possible to the sea. In that is a unification of heart and purpose, as well as harmony.

Our world needs that. More than ever.

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