I watched an Airshow at Point Mugu NAS this weekend. I was impressed. The USAF Thunderbirds, a precision flight team, performed. I found myself awed and inspired. Why would a water centric, eco minded, sustainability preaching, artist like me, love what I saw? Because it demonstrated mightiness.

I stand, able to write this blog and engage my world and community, because my country is mighty. That is humbling, and it inspires gratitude in me.

K 38 Rescue sent this link along to a small group of leaders today. It is an interesting look at how a culture embraced something in the course of great social upheaval. That religion has completely shifted the country and it’s ideals. It was seduced. We can be as well. Anyone can. It is a choice. I want to be clear. We all choose.

The ensuing text is part of my response to Shawn and the other leaders. I am sharing it with you now as well.

The concept of Holiness is based on being sanctified, which in essence is the setting aside of a person for use as a vessel of God.

These people are sanctifying themselves, and their God is using them. They are Holy unto their God.

We choose our Gods. They do exist. Oh no doubt about that in me. We become what we serve.

So now this place, a country, is in bondage. Hell does that. When you see bondage, that trail of fear and oppression, you all should know what that is.

The trick is to still be able to walk in love. Can you understand what Jesus did? Do you see why His story really is the greatest ever told?

We live in a time and place fraught with some of the greatest peril I have seen in my life. This is not merely a battle for our culture, ideals, and economy. What we see in this story, is a choice based upon a seductive lie. It is not those poor women who are possessed. It is that nation. They invited it in.

We have done that here in a way. We have allowed it. Change starts with people committed and sanctified to their God. Best to choose the one that created existence. Then you have won. In your winning, the other Gods fall.

When I see intolerance, bondage, fear, within a religion and a culture. I know what that is.

Keep in mind that a religion is anything that we give power to, which separates us from a relationship with God and his creation. It could be anything. Even something as religiously insouciant as an environmental group.

True religion is this, that you love God, and love your neighbor as yourself. If you find you have become less than tolerant. You just gave your power, your might, away. It is where true strength lies. It is how we all come to God. we must believe and rest on His tolerance of our shortcomings. So should we act any differently?

This is why I am constantly harping on polarization in this country.

Right is right. Simple stuff. Does it make sense? Is there a benefit associated to the cost? Tolerance is different than promotion. One can tolerate a person or concept without promotion and personification of the entity.

Amazing how many people fail to ask that, and blindly engage a religion, a cause. That is how evil works. It is seduction, it is sloth. Be mighty. It matters.

Creation is all viral. God designed it to be that way.

I was going to just leave you with a quote from God’s word. But I thought it better to have a look at what happens when a people choose the God of Hosts in this Church. We become what we serve and in turn we proselytize others according to the knowledge of our own truth. That is why it is of the utmost importance to embrace the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Jesus said it was him. I believed him. That was a choice that for me meant no turning away, no other. Why would anybody?

Lies. That is why. We know where those come from.

Our Country was founded on Truth (It is capitalized for a reason) . This is why, in our Constitution it states that all men are created equal, and that they have an unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This is the essence of true leadership, and why we need to pray for and build up our leaders. It is rare for an organization to fall, other than by attack on it’s leader. This is why we win as a people when our might rests on the master of everything. The concept must be rooted in love, by which it all stands.

Guard your heart.

Sam Shoemaker, doing a raw performance improv. It IS this easy to display your own might and creativity. We need to own it.

Seth Godin has this to say.

A succinct and powerful example of how our system works by Fox News and an opposing Ted Olson.

USAF Thunderbirds precision flight team. Mighty. They matter. So do you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this David. Very thoughtful and thought provoking – like all of your work. Your creativity and the passion you have for sharing your gifts are so appreciated!

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