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Pelican Eye
Pelican Eye

The blog to do list waxes long and there is so much to communicate. But at the top of my list is a chain of creative people. Artists, writers, film makers,  dancers, musicians, photographers and business owners, whose work and bright glow I hope to share. It will need to be fun, inspiring and encouraging, because that is who and what they all are.


Making a fiscal way in Photography

An examination of technology and how it affects man.

Technology and Green.

A look at Canon’s new 5D Mark 2 and what may be the most amazing imaging tool yet.

Sustainability: concept and goals.

Surfing, my favorite images.

Waves, best selects from a 10,000 image file

Dolphins, best selects from a 2000 image file

Interspersed will be quick glances through pertinent issues that all of you can affect.

Nothing inspires order like nature, and none aspires  so well as he who can exist in harmony with it. Ask a surfer.

Click on the links and follow them. Frequently they are the best part of this blog. Like the one right here from Seth Godin.

Thanks for reading!

Click on any image for a full view and a back story on the image.

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