Notes Among Friends

Notes Among Friends

Please excuse any obtuse leanings in this blogpost.
It is excerpted from an e mail correspondence discussion amongst a group of people much smarter than I.
I admire their knowledge, skill and passion. Friends like that sharpen us.

Being sharp is both an asset and virtue.

Morning guys,

in looking at our socio-cultural structure, I suspect that an efficient thing to do in order for any real and legal transformation of culture and it’s attendant systems to take place (Legal meaning by choice rather than rule or mandate) we would need to work within the systemic program which exists in US Culture.

I have long suspected that our adoption of the EV as it is being applied, is based on archaic (Means old-limited, not necessarily bad) processes adopted and put to use by Porsche in-around 1890. Many have tried EV and failed. You guys probably know the story(s) and how shelving eliminated useable systems.

Musk pushed that edge. Many consider his programs with regard to EV to be cash incinerators at worse or transitional technology at best.

“Diffusion of Technology” I have to read that I suspect.(Thanks Dr. T)

In study we often examine diffusion of innovation when were are exploring project proposals, especially where large scale challenges are being pursued.

The question as I see it is this.

What does a sustainable solution look like?

In our system, profitability is nearly a simile for sustainability. But the question(s) we need to lend focus to is what entity will profit in the:

1) short term
2) life cycle of the choice application
3) long term

I have long thought that a better manner to manage the psychology of US socio cultural embedment is to go with it, so to speak. Let them have independence. Let them live spread out on the land if that is where cultural health lies.

The reason(s) we condense development is to create economic systems of centralized profit via increased management efficiency.

I have a sneaking suspicion that what we may be able to do is to establish a micro-gridded network that utilizes block chain tech and enables a better integration with the biome than that of a large population base which relies on a philosophy of:


the accoutrements of large pop density.

Geoff (a research scientist pal of ours) and I have had some really interesting conversations about this and were similar to what I heard from the group I work in via the SF trade council and in group at Sea Space. Diamondis and one of the guys from Branson’s sea exploration group were all about exploring this when we worked together a few years back.

I am very interested in where we could go. Not necessarily where we are going, per se.

To me health, happiness, and better integration with our world’s biological systems needs to be endemic to any sustainable foundation in order to facilitate adoption.

Of course doing that is a severe challenge in a short term mindset architected culture, run in large part according to an even shorter term political process.

JY Cousteau really nailed it at the end of his life with regard to that. His son and I have had in depth conversation about why he was not ready to pass out of here. He saw the solution. He wanted to see it come to pass. He died.

We will die too, before long.

So what is possible to create?

It is beautiful to ponder.

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