On Solitude and Social Media

On Solitude and Social Media

As human beings, it has long been said that each is a product of his environment.

Sounds legit.

But it really isn’t.

Each one of us is susceptible to the filters our environment tends to apply to people. When I reference the word “person” what I am referring to is an entity that is spirit, soul and body.

So it is that different filters may affect one or all of the three parts of which we are comprised.

A good tack for personal health is to examine your filters. Some should you desire to rid yourself of them, will stick to you like glue. These tend to be the more insidious ones. Many refer to those as addictions.

Every outstanding Creative I know, manages those filters. Like a camera lens getting a colored filter screwed to it which modifies the light source, our souls do this as well. That process, in turn affects everything that we call “me”.

A crisp, clear, morning here.


As a result of being involved in a fair amount of Social Media, it became apparent that I required an ever greater amount of solitude. The alone time enables me to unscrew the filters and tap into what matters to me.

Without doing so, I would soon become a mere reflection of digital reality.

Here is “The Thing”. Digital has given a voice to everyone. Unfortunately that also means those who think shouting equals power. It also has made it quite evident that many really do not have a lot to say that is worth listening to, or that may  apply a  malice-stupidity filter to our perceptions. Not really dangerous, as I believe we will always return to center ourselves. But it can be annoying for a number of reasons.

This is an excellent read on something I believe is important to be able to do. Here.

Aloha nui loa

Light at the end of the road.

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