Outward Bound: LAX to Denpasar, Bali

Outward Bound: LAX to Denpasar, Bali

It has been three years since I have been on Bali. The last trip was expeditious, in that aside from all the work stuff in my own imaging programs and working for Donna’s company, Betty Belts, I went there specifically to ask her to marry me and we had gone separately.

In the time since I am amazed at the shift which has taken place. She and I joined lives in an amazing Hawaiian-Chumash ceremony at my home break and that of the Chumash, at Refugio beach on the Gaviota Coast, where we saw and felt the presence of God waft through the collective of friends and family who turned out as Tom Pohaku Stone, Pake Ahmow, Blue Wolf and some of the brothers did the cleanse and union. If ever there was a water- union, our wedding day was it.

So now here we were outward bound out of LAX. Our last trip abroad a scant few mos ago to Portugal, we did not leave from the Bradley Terminal so this surprise was really special. I have always wanted a real home port airport. So many times in recent years, I would shake my head at LAX.

Donna and I were shocked as we wound our way through check in (which featured a hugely streamlined TSA inspection protocol that eliminated bag shuffling) and walked into the departure hall and wow, it seemed like a hyper modern version of a set from the Wizard of Oz!

The new Tom Bradley Intnl terminal is without a doubt a must see and experience place, equal to any of the finest airports on the international flight circuit. The place featured the typical collective of shops found in those places, but also a selection of bars and eateries-restaurants that were elegant, well run and simply:beautiful.

It is without a doubt the most wonderful send off by LA I have ever experienced. As it should be, for a City which is home to such a large amount of global cultural contribution. Just bring a bit of extra cash and some time, the experience requires both. You will want to breathe in what I saw as a remarkable Art experience, via architecturally implemented displays, which through technology convey a sense of connection and wonder to the natural and spiritual world which the airport serves as a gateway to for all those outward bound travelers.

So as my wife and I sat like two little kids in glee, I had a thought. Maybe I should take you all along with me? My duties this trip are manifold, but I will endeavor to show you some of what Donna and I see and feel this trip.

Bali is a touchstone for my wife and I. We have many friends here who hail from all corners of the earth along with many Balinese who are like family to us

Love from us both, here on the road again.

A hui ho!

Images below are LAX, Taipei and Bali, day one. Yes this is what we experienced in an approx 32 hour period.




















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