Windows of Perception

Nias Dawn
Nias Dawn

Perspective is a unique line item for all of us. Our own Point Of View (POV for short) is one that, being our own, may not seem particularly special to us. I find myself overlooking the fact that I can be rather unique. You may tend to do that as well.

As a photographer, writer, film maker, I am all about communicating a designated POV. I decide what perspective a subject ought to be examined from, in order to best embrace a particular viewer-audience.

This was one heckuva busy week. I shot a music video, BMX, a performance music video piece, K38 rescue work, did editorial fulfillment for lifestyle and some fashion publications. In each project, it was my choice of POV which made the work have appeal, or  “cachet” as I like to call it.

Here is a great clip, where the POV the film maker chose in communicating a mans job place, is a best case example. From music to narration to lens perspective, I was completely smitten by this.

Be you. It matters.

The gallery below is from this week. A short look at a thousand images and 6 hours of motion picture, most of it shot in the last 6 days. All work was filmed with the Canon 5DM2. Sound was captured using the  Beachtek DXA controller with Rode Shotgun and Audiotechica Propoint symphonic mics. One thing for sure, Canon not only makes my POV possible, they make it easy!

Click on any of the images to toggle through as a slide show.

3 Responses to Windows of Perception

  1. POV. Love your thoughts on this. I’m not sure people are aware that they have a POV and that it comes from the context they are in. I know they have opinions, but a point of view that makes them distinctive from another person.
    We had a Korean friend visiting us this week. What is interesting is the differences and similarities of our POV. It is very subtle and important at the same time.
    I really like this wave picture. It is the almost monochrome nature of it that makes it look like a fixed, rigid thing, instead of liquid motion.

  2. David, I thank you for coming out and capturing the moments earned from our students. These folks really do end up going the distance. What they do matters greatly, as we all do.

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