Rocking Antipathetic


The image above is of Becky Gordon (Miss Nascar, as I like to call her). She is the sister of Jeff Gordon, champion Nascar driver. I shot this image in Mexico. The surfboard was Dave Hopkins’. The suit was one of a grip of wardrobe suits I brought along. The time frame, was approximately six months, post 9-11.

Pretty girl, American flag board, suit, and smile while representing a very American sport as a job and avocation. Yep I really went to Mexico and did this. Why?

antipathy |anˈtipəθē|
noun ( pl. -thies)
a deep-seated feeling of dislike; aversion : his fundamental antipathy to capitalism | a thinly disguised mutual antipathy.
ORIGIN late 16th cent. (in the sense [opposition of feeling, nature, or disposition] ): from French antipathie or Latin antipathia, from Greek antipatheia, from antipathēs ‘opposed in feeling,’ from anti ‘against’ + pathos ‘feeling.’

My job is to be antipathetic at times. I make people uncomfortable with my Art and antipathy. Hell, I make me uncomfortable.

Later this day in a local bar, Becky and I watched Jeff stuff his car into the wall. I heard her gasp.

Racing and antipathy are both sort of like that. You barrel into a turn, in an effort to maintain your speed and line, while exiting towards your goal with the maximum amount of speed possible.

If you feel completely comfortable, you may be doing it wrong.

Here is a great RSA on human nature and Neural Psychology. Gives new meaning to the slogan: “Just do it”

I learned first hand, in racing cars and bikes, that there is incredible truth in the saying: “Fortune favors the brave”.

Just don’t expect it to be comfy. It won’t be. Not if you really want the victory.

No one gives it to you, the prize. You must take it.

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