Samsung NX1: We Have Lift Off

18 years ago, I chose Canon over Nikon, as the company was more responsive to the needs of photographers in pursuit of excellence and innovation. Today I did my last shoot as a Canon photographer. Hello Samsung. Thank you for listening.
18 years ago, I chose Canon over Nikon, as the company was more responsive to the needs of photographers in pursuit of excellence and innovation. Today I did my last shoot as a Canon photographer. Hello Samsung. Thank you for listening.

The above image and copy is a post I did to my Instagram and Facebook pages this week.

This Post is the first in a series of pieces I will do on my transition from the Canon System to that of Samsung.

My perception is that this one system could serve as a foundation for professional level content creation in photography, cinematography and audio production.

In my career in imaging, these shifts are more like massive leaps, and occur very infrequently, but always for the same collection of reasons. Those reasons can be summed up in this statement.
“I want an imaging system that facilitates what I perceive as being my future vision as a creative.”

I did this in the 90’s when I was invested in Minolta and the X700 body, with it’s precision set of MF lenses, in combination with a Century Optic 650mm F 6.7 lens. For about three years I defied “convention” (that read as Nikon at the time) and was getting published regularly using that kit, coupled with a Scott Preiss water housing, for what wound up being regular swims into lineups throughout California.

My recollections are crystal clear, as is the memory of the day when I packed everything up in a big box (except the Preiss housing and 650 lens) and dropped it all off at a Camera Store on State St, to be sold off on consignment.

The choices in equipment were slim, and not so clear, at the time. I had examined and spoken with people at Nikon and Canon. For about 18 mos I had studied up on the two companies and where I saw professional imaging heading, and looked at what I wanted to create. In the end I chose Canon. These are the reasons. The first is that they seemed to be both listening and interested in, creation of new technology in the facilitation of my vision. Canon Professional Services exhibited a greater sense of care and responsibility to it’s community members, while Nikon exhibited a pronounced arrogance in Nikon Professional Services. Arrogance is expensive. I needed service.

In speaking with Canon and studying, I saw where they would take technology and the choice was then quite apparent. Nikon had parked. I needed a fast and reliable vehicle. You see, that is what camera systems are: methods of transport to our dreams.

At that time, there really only was one choice open to me after looking at all facets, and that was Canon. I steadily bought in, and began to acquire more and better imaging, and the tapestry of my work, as a result of Canon’s collaboration, became quite rich, and clearly facilitated me becoming one of the leaders in my field of Photography. It was the perfect choice, as I plied my trade in Motion Picture production, News-Photojournalism, Surf and Nature, and Commercial-Agency work. The imagery I and others in my field created, set a new bar for Photography.

Here is a hilarious video about camera marketing. But the very stark reality for me as a creative, is that the guy in this video’s dreams really were my reality in an expansive career, as Canon helped me to realize my dreams and visions.

As I carefully unboxed the Samsung NX1 this week, I thought about my last three years of study on emerging tech. I had closely monitored not just the evolution of the mirrorless camera, but the advent of a new era where Photographic and Cinematic systems were to merge. I was struck by the magnitude of what was going on, as I watched Panasonic, Sony, Fuji, Go Pro and some others do what I had predicted: revolutionize the game.

But it was the massive Samsung conglomerate, with it’s quite recent introduction of the pro level NX1 body and lenses that really stole the show in the dynamics that mattered most

I was enchanted by the beautiful elegance of the Samsung NX1’s packaging. The perfection in the Korean product’s MFG was obvious. Very precise. Korea…. That alone said a lot. The world is changing. I either lead that change, or follow it. This is always the choice for us as creatives and artists.
Image below is one of my first tests with the Samsung NX1. Shot at a local wine bar Paradise Pantry, here in Ventura. Samsung NX1 with 16-50 f 3.5- F 5.6 kit lens. I will look at the NX1’s quite acceptable high ISO performance in a future post, but in short, I am pretty satisfied with it at ths point.

Camera data is as follows:

Focal length: 50 MM
ISO 6400
Aperture: F 5.6 (wide open)
Shutter 1/10 second
OIS: On, stage 2.
File: raw processed in Lightroom 5

BTW for the sake of reference, all imagery in this blog series is shot in raw format using sRGB color space settings.

NX1 Low light-high ISO test
NX1 Low light-high ISO test

So I invite you to follow along here in the blog, as I share what I have learned and will experience, in this big leap for me from my beloved Canon systems with their detailed professional support, to that of Samsung, an emerging imaging giant, with zero professional support at all.

This is huge for me.


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  1. Thanks for sharing David,,I was doing the same, but missed SAMSUNG..hum, i love the dial system of the NX1 ready at all times without having to search menu…Oh well Sony is similar in that it has the fast fps plus others. Bravo look forward to your images! Peace.

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