Silent Running

Silent Running

Interesting lyrics.

It is something which I became accustomed to quite early in life, the turning off of daily communications. I grew up alongside an interesting group of people. Many of them have been pretty much the best of the best at every manner of endeavor. I noticed that periodically and regularly, they go silent. The tenet is something in common with all who endeavor to attain excellence. Silence equates to focus. It is a telltale.

Next thing that you know. Something remarkable is done or exhibited by them.

I look forward to that from my friends.

An entertaining book on the subject is here.

So off on my next adventure I myself go. I am about 20 blog posts behind. This one is for those of you who are unused to me shutting my trap.A lot goes on under the surface with many people. I always look forward to the eventual call and re-connect.

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  1. LOL you’re right about the “20 blog posts behind” thing, I keep coming here to see if you’ve come up for air. but I’m familiar with the drill so although I miss the good read I’m not bugging you just yet ….. 😉

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