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National Debt
National Debt

Shawn Alladio of K38 Rescue, has composed something beautiful for our warriors, and it also applies to those of you who seek to implement change. Shawn trains these men. She understands cost and expense, better than anybody I have met. She has told me repeatedly over the years, that for every valid action, every effort, you must be willing to give something up. Having seen her live this, I get it.

Not many people I know enjoy being the one standing there, fist raised to an adversary, drawing the line and shouting : You will not do this. I know that I certainly do not. It takes a lot to bring me to the point of action. It is why I will engage in Art and literature forever before I raise my fist. This gives time for consideration, and communication.

But the plain fact is, that the world in which we live, being filled with all manner of motivations and ethos, inhabiting every person and  organization which those people populate, sometimes creates a situation that requires a champion. Someone to go forth and do battle.

So in our world, we have powers that do so. On the higher end it is done at the behest of Nations, which send forth armies to do the bidding of that entity. But where genesis for this really is located, is in the heart and will of the individual.

Ventura City Hall
Ventura City Hall

In American society we have established layers of Governance to champion our will and desires. Federal laws, are mediated in turn by the individual States, which in turn are interpreted at the County, and then at the far end of the thread, at a Municipal level. All of that exists to do your will as an American Citizen. Pretty amazing the freedom that gives you as a lone person in a sea of millions.

As most of us learned in our High School Civics class, this creates a level of responsibility for us all as well.

Look closer, down through the layers of Governance, back though the years, and change, generally came down to one person’s decision to point the finger and say: ” That is wrong. Stop.”

Judge McGrath's Home
Judge McGrath's Home

Remember this saying: “Don’t Tread On Me” ?  It was on the very first American flag. It was in direct response and a warning to oppressors. This tenet has historic legs in American law and mind set. You see it all over the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Evan Wright is a journalist whose work I enjoyed in his covering of Marine culture and warfare. His original Rolling Stone three part series was turned into an HBO mini series called Generation Kill. Here is an interesting look at Evan’s perspective. Consider his cost.

Keep in mind that the US Govt. employs these men. So by proxy we do as well. They go because it is their job and what they believe in.

We have a debt that goes beyond  monetary for this. It is to engage in a rule by law, and we do that by standing up for those laws when any organization, entity or person decides to subvert those. That is the moral imperative of civic responsibility.

This is now. This is here. This is Uprising, by Muse. The lyrics in this piece describe much of the changes going on within culture today.

So stand up. If you don’t, no one will. And everyone loses.

This piece was sent along by Tony Luna. Special.

You don’t get a wave without  wind. Pretty as this one may be, somewhere there was a storm.

The Goal
The Goal

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  1. Evil is as evil does Steven. 7000 people is a large body. The thing that strikes me regarding your battle, is that City Governance does not comprehend that the sin of the forefathers is visited on the children. If we fix this, we will see greater blessing on this community. God is not mocked. One reaps exactly what one sows UNLESS one is under grace. The Godless do not know Grace Steven. That is not their compass heading. They give none and are accorded none. Semper paratus, semper fidelis, Deo Vindice. Thank you for weighing in. This is important.

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