synergy |ˈsinərjē| (also synergism |-ˌjizəm|)
the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects : the synergy between artist and record company.


Synergy should equal success. Success is relative, as well as transitory. Quite frequently we see illustrated in a very stark manner, that the end, well it really not only did not justify the means, but it may become a darker version of the original problem.

Seth Godin writes accurately about how to develop a synergistic response here.

Set a good initial premise. Do it by discovering the real Truth, then develop the solution.

When studying in Bible College, I heard a lecturer say something that changed my perspective forever.

Paraphrased, he taught on this principle: “Most people make a plan, go to implement it, and then pray that God will bless it and that they will be successful. That rarely works out so well. I learned long ago to go to God, ask Him what the plan is, then go do it. That way it is already blessed and I have Faith that it and I, am destined to succeed”

When you see the term “Follow the Light”, what that really means, is that you should be walking in it from the start.

Synergy is beautiful.


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