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Bali Journal: Week 1

Bali Journal: Week 1

This first week has been hectic, sort of no surprise, as the travel and shoot modus all of us use, is deeply embedded at this point in my life. We are staying on the outskirts of Ubud, off the beaten tourism path in the compound of a Balinese family and the home of A fascinatingContinue Reading

Outward Bound: LAX to Denpasar, Bali

Outward Bound: LAX to Denpasar, Bali

It has been three years since I have been on Bali. The last trip was expeditious, in that aside from all the work stuff in my own imaging programs and working for Donna’s company, Betty Belts, I went there specifically to ask her to marry me and we had gone separately. In the time sinceContinue Reading

Running and Gunning

Running and Gunning

Whew, just off a  series of e mails with Lorenzo De Stefano, who is Director of the film Hearing is Believing which I am the Director of Cinematography on. The crew will be down at the Blue Whale in LA filming a performance by Rachel and the remarkable Taylor Eigsti for the project Thursday night.Continue Reading

True Generosity

There is a place on Bali which my wife insisted we visit. It is a Botanical Garden. Seems sort of obsequious, the idea of building such a thing in a place where one could plant a broomstick and it would grow. But I assure you it is anything but. The place is a model ofContinue Reading

A California Opus

Chapter 5 in the California Series. I have not always lived in California. My Dad was going to college on the GI Bill in Milwaukee Wisconsin, at Marquette University. I had never asked him why, being from Hawaii, he chose the Mid West. He met my Mother there. That was where my two Brothers andContinue ReadingContinue Reading

The Zuri Files: Westside Ventura

I have a unique job, in that most of the time, I am drawn to subjects and they to me, not unlike a moon to a planet. I have never been able to figure out who is what in that constellation. But it probably does not matter. This week saw a LOT of computer timeContinue Reading

American Christmas

We have a problem residing in our country this Christmas. “Which one?” you might jump to respond. The problem of which I write is one of recall, memory. Memory is a fundamental component in establishing progress for a vast array of reasons. But where our communities are concerned, it is even more pertinent. I believeContinue Reading

Fact of the Matter: Inconvenient Truths

I got in a lively discussion on Global Warming the other day. More specifically Anthropogenic Global Warming. It is a “given” that we humans have  the capacity to foul the Earth. It is also a given that the Earth by it’s architecture will cleanse itself. In the civilized and educated Western world we typically endeavorContinue Reading