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Bali Journal, Week 2

Bali Journal, Week 2

We left Ubud by taking a winding route by our friend Gusti’s home, and then made our way out to the shore of E. Bali to spend a bit of time at the beach, as well as catch up with Michael Lorenti, a fellow member of 1% for the Planet with his company Sensatia Botanicals.Continue Reading

Sense of Place

I have not spoken with many on this subject, though some of my closer friends have touched upon it with me on occasion. They do so in such a manner as to cause me to assume that most people, by and large, understand what “place” means, and how we ought to be when we visitContinue Reading

Creativity Restoration

It happened slowly, in a seductive manner. The devil that is responsibility to project fulfillment, had worn me down creatively. I could feel it, and understood what was going on, with far greater comprehension than one knows the proverbial back of their hand. (Does anyone really spend time looking at those?) This does not happenContinue Reading


I had been immersed in a swimwear shoot and building more imagery was the last thing on my list of things to do. But Hans call came on the heels of a 16 hour day on the computer and the passage of a cold front which left a rather dramatic sky. So I made myContinue Reading


The third in a series on Loves. Surfers. Yes, those who ride weather, water and wave. I love them. The rapid thunk thunk thunk of footsteps atop the wooden stairs that led up to the flat I had rented that morning at Currumbin Beach, Queensland, jolted me out of my jetlag induced reverie. I hadContinue Reading


This is the second installment in this series on many loves. It is about Surfing. Not many people know exactly why they surf. It just is what they do. Surfing  gives a lot to the participant. It often gets to the point of  seeming to be a greedy avocation. The more you get, the betterContinue Reading


I love the wave thing. Always have. Here are a few from this past week’s amazing sessions. Maybe listen to this as you toggle through the tight gallery I have assembled here. Great video. Seth Godin had this to say the other day, and it greatly resonated with me, friends and colleagues. You are yourContinue Reading

Poli Amo

I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me. – Proverbs 8:17 Everyone should be so fortunate as to pursue and possibly capture the object of their desire. But what is it really, that adds to your life and leaves you in pursuit? Because it is always in the going, thatContinue Reading