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Running and Gunning

Running and Gunning

Whew, just off a  series of e mails with Lorenzo De Stefano, who is Director of the film Hearing is Believing which I am the Director of Cinematography on. The crew will be down at the Blue Whale in LA filming a performance by Rachel and the remarkable Taylor Eigsti for the project Thursday night.Continue Reading

In Motion

One of the more dramatic motion segments I have experienced was in the course of shooting motion picture for a film project centered on Hawaii. The stills image above is a quick grab done as  Tyler Swain., Rob Dafoe and I worked 3 camera positions at Anahuli Bay, Hawaii. I think that we all gotContinue Reading

High Definition

The other day, I ran across an innovative new little POV videocam, produced by Sony, and posted the info in a  link to my Facebook page. It breaks ground in a number of very important areas, oh and check out the price tag.  $200.00 Sony HDR-AS10 HD Action Camcorder The conversation that ensued on FBContinue Reading

Canon 5D Mark 2: Trial by Fire

My 5D Mark 2 system has been getting quite the workout of late. The other night Tyler Swain came by. Tyler is the talented director, writer, camera operator who, when I am lucky, I get to work with. He had dropped by after a  long day working on an episode of Top Gear, to beContinue Reading

Metaphysical Momentum: Water Carriers

Ventura has been in the throes of an art boom the past few years. I have watched amusedly as a diverse group of people have been drawn to our little berg from far flung corners of the earth and served as cultural and intellectual fodder for a renaissance of sorts. Creative seedlings they all are, Continue Reading