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Art and the Peaceful Warrior

Art and the Peaceful Warrior

This week I wound up shooting a motion picture project for my son’s martial arts company gym Puu Muay Thai here in Ventura. My wife Donna and I, also had a visit from our close friend, internationally acclaimed fine artist Edem Elesh and his 15 year old son Griffen, who I had not seen inContinue Reading

The Significance of Santa Claus(e)

The Significance of Santa Claus(e)

My Christmas morning began as they all seem to have, today. Being beckoned from sleep, I pulled on sweat pants and sweater and wandered out into the dark at 4 am on what in California was a clear, cold morning. The cold earth against feet which only a few moments ago had been under theContinue Reading

Of Men and Wisteria

Of Men and Wisteria

A few of us were to get together at Art maven Joe Cardella’s home this weekend. Many have been through the mill as it were, in recent months, so Joe invited the lot of a group of artists and critical thinkers over for a pleasant Sunday afternoon, under the great awning of Wisteria which areContinue Reading

Independence Day was Born on the Fourth of July

Not vice versa. This is why we consider the Declaration of Independence to be the blueprint for Liberty. It covers the underpinnings necessary for the pursuit of happiness. It is the God given and legal architecture of these united States, with which what I term “The Suck” (which applies to those who endeavor to controlContinue Reading

Memorial Day Is….

A culture which does not connect accurately, reverentially or beautifully with it’s past, is akin to a rudderless boat: doomed to be at the whim of waves and weather. So today is Memorial Day. So what? Why should you or I care? Only because to not do so, is to engage in our personal demiseContinue Reading

One Intransigent Eve

  The image above was posted onto my Facebook page and a conversation ensued as a result, about helmet usage in water Photography and Cinematography. My esteemed friend and colleague, Steve Fitzpatrick weighed in. Steve had his noggin crushed in a PWC accident by an untrained operator at Tres Palmas in Puerto Rico. He woundContinue Reading

Being Clear

I ran into a friend the other day, who brought up an interesting point about some of my work. In essence, this is what he said. “Do you realize that you often leave it to us, to figure out what you are trying to communicate? That can be really frustrating, as so many of usContinue Reading

K38 Rescue: Precept and Example

I sent Shawn Alladio a note yesterday afternoon. Here it is. At least TRY to have a good time tonight, will ya? This is important. Here is her response. Shut up! LOL     That pretty much sums up what many of us feel, who are on the back end of rendering service, when accoladesContinue Reading