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The Here and Now of Creativity

  There is very key thing which has literally made my career, and caused me to flourish in some pretty dangerous situations. In yet another deep Facebook conversation, this time with an old friend and colleague named Brent Schlea, we covered it. Focus. Or possibly more to the point: Hyperfocus.  What that means basically, isContinue Reading

Cuarto Negro

  In principle it works well, this walk in the light sort of path. But the thing about light, is that it tends to make one imminently aware of what darkness is all about. Corbis Images, frequently sends it’s Photographers out creative briefings. One such note which I read today, was on Darkness. People seemContinue Reading


I have a lot of friends who are into music. They all range in experience, depth, scope, and level of monetization. Music is one of the High Arts of course. How a person begins in any Art germinates in a fascination with it. I remember mine. Getting to play my Hawaiian Grandfathers Zither. I mustContinue Reading

Waves: Neo Creative

I needed to shoot more wave and water surf work after the past couple months like, umm, well let’s just say, I did not need any more work to satisfy my commercial or editorial clients. But right now I am buried in post production work from multiple back to back swims over the course ofContinue Reading


Vision is one of those multifaceted aspects . It is indirectly related to motivation. When one embraces motivation, and engages it, the word transmutates from noun to verb, as action is required But what is vision? Here is a great example. Often a communicator has a vision for how to motivate people that is notContinue Reading

Be Brilliant

There is quite a gap between being good and brilliant, between high art, and low. Brilliance and high art, will take one right into the throne room of God. You come away from the experience, knowing that something special has occurred: you have been touched by Creativity. Watch this if you have ten minutes. ThisContinue Reading

ID Please

In marketing, one of the principal rules, is to identify the product in the eyes of the market. I am often introduced as a surf photographer. It is not that I eschew the title, which truly makes me die inside at the proffering of that description.  Someone inevitably must endeavor to communicate what indeed itContinue Reading


Tyler Swain and I strode arm in arm, lock step, across the pavers in the foyer of the swank, old, Figueroa Hotel. It was a rainy night in Downtown LA. I was just back from some time away with Shawn Alladio in Oregon and Northern California, and being immersed in watery adventure. Tyler was freshContinue Reading