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Surfing is for Everybody

William Orbit gets it. Click on this link if you want a  soundtrack for this blog Had a gal come by yesterday who was working on a College thesis at Syracuse, and had asked if she could interview me about the changes that I had seen on the coast in my lifetime. Wound up talkingContinue Reading


idealism |īˈdē(ə)ˌlizəm| noun 1 the practice of forming or pursuing ideals, esp. unrealistically : the idealism of youth. Compare with realism . • (in art or literature) the representation of things in ideal or idealized form. Often contrasted with realism (sense 2). We all judge everything and everybody. We really do. It is in ourContinue Reading

Fact of the Matter: Inconvenient Truths

I got in a lively discussion on Global Warming the other day. More specifically Anthropogenic Global Warming. It is a “given” that we humans have  the capacity to foul the Earth. It is also a given that the Earth by it’s architecture will cleanse itself. In the civilized and educated Western world we typically endeavorContinue Reading

Surfing Is

The motivation for this piece began with the publication of the following story in the WSJ, to which I contributed an image of my girlfriend Donna Von Hoesslin. Read the comment section, post story, and you will see a diversity of opinions (including mine) that are quite revelatory about each person’s point of view regardingContinue Reading

Evil : This is Personal

It is a choice whether to follow truth or falsehood. I never bought into the Film “An Inconvenient Truth. “ Lets get that straight between us. I could make a long list of reasons for this as a businessman,  film maker, Journalist, ex manufacturer, Science fan, Environmentalist, and someone who participated in the formation ofContinue Reading

Elephant Hunting

The last time I passed through customs, I was on my way home from Bali. No matter how wonderful the travel destination and experience, I always relish the return to American soil. There is something very  comforting in speaking with a Customs Officer who I know is not going to charge me a tout (bribeContinue Reading

A Linchpin Sonnet

As my little ocean flavored world, rocked with continued news that only seemed to worsen, I watched and listened, as response from Government and Environmental groups created what amounted to an untenable clamor. Finger pointing, conflict, polarization, but no success, occurred in fixing the massive calamity of the Horizon well head blowout. Enviro groups squaredContinue Reading

Earth Angel

angel |ˈānjəl| noun 1. a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God. “So let the Earth give testimony.” I was raised in Santa Barbara. Most of my earliest and therefore strongest influences, were based on my native Hawaiian Culture’s perception of man’s place in the world, and the catchContinue Reading