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Bali: Outward Bound: Dispatch One

Bali: Outward Bound: Dispatch One

It was strange leaving California in the midst of a heat wave and unique Ocean and shooting conditions, which had kept me happily in the water for weeks sans wetsuit. Hard to walk away from that, But in the wee hours of a Tuesday morning, Donna and I departed LAX for Bali where we wouldContinue Reading

Of Mice and WOmen: Bali

Of Mice and WOmen: Bali

To be clear, I am here on Bali at the invitation of my wife Donna, and working under the auspices of her Company, Betty Belts-Betty B doing art and project development. One of the more well traveled people I know, where in the course of her life, she has been to so many far flungContinue Reading

Running and Gunning

Running and Gunning

Whew, just off a  series of e mails with Lorenzo De Stefano, who is Director of the film Hearing is Believing which I am the Director of Cinematography on. The crew will be down at the Blue Whale in LA filming a performance by Rachel and the remarkable Taylor Eigsti for the project Thursday night.Continue Reading

Being Present

In my own creative process, little choice exists for me in my work.  In order to succeed, I must be present, in the right frame of mind, at a propitious moment. This requires that I listen, or “be present” in order to perceive that something important will occur ahead, in the time frame we callContinue Reading

American Christmas

We have a problem residing in our country this Christmas. “Which one?” you might jump to respond. The problem of which I write is one of recall, memory. Memory is a fundamental component in establishing progress for a vast array of reasons. But where our communities are concerned, it is even more pertinent. I believeContinue Reading

Surfing Is

The motivation for this piece began with the publication of the following story in the WSJ, to which I contributed an image of my girlfriend Donna Von Hoesslin. Read the comment section, post story, and you will see a diversity of opinions (including mine) that are quite revelatory about each person’s point of view regardingContinue Reading

Evil : This is Personal

It is a choice whether to follow truth or falsehood. I never bought into the Film “An Inconvenient Truth. “ Lets get that straight between us. I could make a long list of reasons for this as a businessman,  film maker, Journalist, ex manufacturer, Science fan, Environmentalist, and someone who participated in the formation ofContinue Reading

Elephant Hunting

The last time I passed through customs, I was on my way home from Bali. No matter how wonderful the travel destination and experience, I always relish the return to American soil. There is something very  comforting in speaking with a Customs Officer who I know is not going to charge me a tout (bribeContinue Reading