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Fear Anger Hope

Fear, anger, hope. These three things are very inter-related and part of the process of progress. I find myself falling into fear, that entities which we have entrusted, like Government, Industry, and aspects of modern culture, such as certain Environmental PACS, have totally failed the Earth, as evidenced in the recent potential Global killer, thatContinue Reading

ID Please

In marketing, one of the principal rules, is to identify the product in the eyes of the market. I am often introduced as a surf photographer. It is not that I eschew the title, which truly makes me die inside at the proffering of that description.  Someone inevitably must endeavor to communicate what indeed itContinue Reading

Small Town, Big World

I get a global look at things through my photography business, which has web strands anchored to many countries. I see something first hand, that many do not have the personal luxury of acquiring: a broad economic  and cultural perspective. This country is in the single greatest period of change and challenge since the GreatContinue Reading

Earth Angel

angel |ˈānjəl| noun 1. a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God. “So let the Earth give testimony.” I was raised in Santa Barbara. Most of my earliest and therefore strongest influences, were based on my native Hawaiian Culture’s perception of man’s place in the world, and the catchContinue Reading

Bali Journal 7: Gianyar

Today saw a visit to a Balinese market place, where once again, we appeared to be the only foreigners. Monday night we are hosting a party at our Villa, so we went out shopping for the odds and ends that we would need. Gusti’s wife has generously offered to prepare food for 20, and bringContinue Reading

Bali Journal 6: Gusti Gathering

I am sitting roadside in a wood carvers village clattering away on my Macbook Pro while Bali rushes by around me. Time to journal yesterday while Donna, Ketut and Aaron shop. Yesterday was a long roll day. One time lapse of a rice field being harvested, ran for 9 hours and ended in a carefullyContinue Reading

Bali Journal 5: Sacrosanct

Just because something is sacred does not mean that it is exempt from entropy and the physical laws of change. In fact, being sacred may mean that every force in this world is immediately set in motion with the express purpose of subverting that consecrated thing. It is the world’s way. Sacred refers to beingContinue Reading

Organic Reprisal

We leave the troubled shores of the US soon, for the exotic environs of Indonesia where Donna Von Hoesslin’s creative muse lies, on the Isle of Bali. We are a tightly knit crew, who all will donate time and our own efforts in a collaborative endeavor to contribute to something that matters, and in theContinue Reading