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On Beauty

I have a lot to say regarding Beauty and how it affects the Consciousness of our World. But rather than write on it and endeavor to go into the Science of the affects of Beauty, I am just going to share beauty with you as I have experienced it this week. Here is a prescientContinue Reading

Awards and Praise

The above image was shot a short while ago. For me it is sort of the peak of  what is possible with modern DSLR imaging. The detail and various aspects which make an incredibly complex subject rendered to perfection are all there. This is why I am not posting the two images which are beingContinue Reading

Letter to a Friend

Sometimes waking moments are comprised of a tap on the shoulder regarding someone I care about. The note below, is as a result of one of those mornings. The person I sent it to, is someone who I respect as a visionary human being. The images here, are what occurred when the ocean reined overContinue Reading

Be the Enlightened

This morning as I prepared for the workday, it was all hustle and bustle in my home. Wrestling with twenty pound cats, charging camera batteries. Organizing my gear for a shoot. Scanning weather data.  Reading a Chapter of Michael Kew’s new book, “Crossings”, and perusing Facebook a bit. Adding a few posts, while monitoring myContinue Reading

Apocryphal Wave

California Series Ch. 2 Maybe it is the surge in weird news. Maybe it is being too closely informed of the goings on in Ventura City, where I live. But I found myself at a bit of a loss when I heard of the latest greatest mean spirited shenanigans of some local politicians. It wasContinue Reading

The Cove

          I was reading my daily dose of Seth Godin today, and his words on initiative, really struck home for me. Coincidentally, last night was Linchpin night here in Ventura. The Linchpin meetup is  an event Seth innovated, where self starters and doers, get together, network, have fun, and sow theContinue Reading

The Significance of Mermaids

In running through an edit the other day for a magazine feature, I happened to stumble upon a file titled “Lost Mermaid” In it were some large scan images of Hannah Fraser performing as a mermaid which I had shot in the Maldives quite some time ago. The scans had apparently been put in a Continue Reading

Sea Within

I once met a man who inspired me greatly. At his encouragement, I went on to accomplish all manner of things in the ocean. Of course it was not by his urging alone, but for some reason, he was my catalyst, and the reaction which occurred as a result of his input, wed my lifeContinue Reading