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Holy Water: A Christmas History

  Christmas began for me around  6 am on Dec 25th in 1955, when I was born. My Mother had been on her way to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She had stumbled on the steps leading up to the church and labor began. I like to think it was me whoContinue Reading

My Truth

Any Organization or person which stands in an effort to accomplish something of merit or value, must predicate it’s existence on belief. Some call this belief system: “Our Truth”. Recently I watched as one of the companies I am a part of, had it’s leadership disappear and not only jeopardize the organization, but potentially engageContinue Reading

Messy and Beautiful

I frequently note that Life (that precarious process which we see daily around us) is both messy and beautiful. In my work this is illustrated to me regularly. Seth Godin writes beautifully on that today, in a blogpost entitled Our Crystal Palace. Julie Borowski hilariously points out the ridiculousness of the TSA in a veryContinue Reading

A Blue Voice

  In the moments after the Sea-Space Summit at Google ended in 2012, and some fantastic work had initiated, Charlotte Vick, who heads up the Sylvia Earle Alliance (and so much more) approached me and posed a very direct question. “David, what exactly is it that you do?” Ever meet one of those people, whoContinue Reading

Sea-Space Summit DC 2013

I head to DC on Monday with Dr. Andrea Neal to participate in the Sea-Space Initiative Summit, which is headed up by Guillermo Söhnlein of Opus Novum. Our intention is to get a look at the ongoing crisis in Japan, and examine some of the socio-political architecture which led to the catastrophic failure event at theContinue Reading


  synergy |ˈsinərjē| (also synergism |-ˌjizəm|) noun the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects : the synergy between artist and record company.   Synergy should equal success. Success is relative, as well as transitory. Quite frequentlyContinue Reading

Letter to a Friend

Sometimes waking moments are comprised of a tap on the shoulder regarding someone I care about. The note below, is as a result of one of those mornings. The person I sent it to, is someone who I respect as a visionary human being. The images here, are what occurred when the ocean reined overContinue Reading

Going Deeper

My colleague and friend, Dr Andrea Neal, of Blue Ocean Sciences, sent me this very cool piece on Tom’s Shoes (who I really admire) today. It is very in theme for this blog series. Many of us are looking at ethics and architecture these days. It is essential if one really wants to make anContinue Reading