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A Bali Journal: 2

Another amazing day here on Bali. Fashion and art imaging work followed by carefully choreographed motion picture work. So happy to have Aaron Marcelino on board. He worked his first stint ever as a Director today and did pretty darned well. Spent several hours in Denpassar interviewing East Bali Poverty Project’s David Booth and learnedContinue Reading

Organic Reprisal

We leave the troubled shores of the US soon, for the exotic environs of Indonesia where Donna Von Hoesslin’s creative muse lies, on the Isle of Bali. We are a tightly knit crew, who all will donate time and our own efforts in a collaborative endeavor to contribute to something that matters, and in theContinue Reading

What is Surfing: Fifty Views

Each day lately, begins with me wading though the e mail file. Today I opened a newsletter from an organization which I support, by lending them usage of some of my images. The subject header was “International Surfing Day”.  A “Cool, we have our own day”  impulse when I pressed the “read” icon, rapidly transitionedContinue Reading

Tribe Makers

My girlfriend Donna’s video, “Passages”  is now up on the Intuit Website, you can view it here. The video whose production I have blogged a bit about, is the requirement necessary for grant payment.  If you VOTE for her at the videos end, and find it in your space to provide a comment, your generosityContinue Reading


I just finished building a little video for my girlfriend Donna, and her eco themed company, Betty Belts- Betty B. The video is a requirement for grant payment in a competition created by US business software company Intuit. We just finalized the piece and Donna managed to get out the door, a bit teary eyed,Continue Reading

Skinny Bitch: A Day in the Life

I have a rewarding job. I get to hang out with people I really like and create images that reflect a vibrant, healthy and exciting lifestyle.  In fact, such is the appeal of that lifestyle that the world of fashion uses it’s cachet to create branding for the many products it markets. The way myContinue Reading